One of the most immediate ways you can help us to provide access to justice is by making a donation towards our work.

We are a small but ambitious organisation with over 10 years of experience providing legal aid, education and rehabilitation services to women and girls in Sierra Leone.


What does it cost?

  • £15/$25 can provide basic items such as nappies, vitamins and clothing to a baby in prison with its mother
  • £31/$50 can provide a week’s worth of critical paralegal support to a woman in need
  • £63/$100 can fund a skilled teacher to train 10 young women and girls in prison on sewing, beadmaking & other vocational skills for 1 month
  • £90/$140 can provide a librarian for a month in one of our prisons, providing women with basic literacy practice to make them stronger upon release.

Make a regular gift or one off donation to AdvocAid


AdvocAid relies on generous private sponsors to continue providing vital legal services to women and girls.

You can both make one off donations and become a regular supporter of our work. On GlobalGiving you simply choose between a one time and monthly recurring donation. By making a regular gift to AdvocAid, you’ll help us to better plan for our future, and offer long term support to women like MK, Fatmata and Favour.

If your donation is eligible for tax relief or gift aid, please don’t forget to tick the box, and ensure your donation can go even further. Your donation will be processed safely and securely, and you can choose to support a specific project we’re fundraising for.

You can also transfer your donation directly to our bank account and same time and fees. Please get in touch with us if you would like to donate above $250.