Training & Educational Materials

AdvocAid produces Training and Educational Materials to ensure legal standards and human rights are being upheld in police stations, prisons and courts across Sierra Leone.

Please download and use these materials at you own organisation; we kindly ask you to credit AdvocAid when used or reproduced, and to let us know how you’re using them to ensure we’re producing useful and timeless resources.

AdvocAid has launched its ‘Pay No Bribe For Bail’ campaign, including: national radio and television infomercials; posters displayed at police stations, courts and public venues; a social media campaign; and the distribution of wristbands – all conveying the message that no one should pay a bribe for bail.

Watch and share the infomercials to the right, and download the posters below to print and put up in places where your beneficiaries can see them.


Title: After You Have Been Arrested: What Next?

Summary: this is the second edition of AdvocAid’s criminal legal education materials, first published in 2007 in conjunction with Sierra Leone Court Monitoring Programme (now Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law). Since 2007, AdvocAid has been working with law students to conduct legal education programmes in prisons in Sierra Leone.

Title: Handbook on UN Standards for the Treatment of Female Prisoners

Summary: First produced in November 2011, with the support of GIZ, this resource aims to provide a clear, portable and easy to use guide to the Bangkok Rules, which outline standards for the treatment of female prisoners. It is designed to assist prison officials, prisoners and civil society in fostering enforcement of human rights standards for girls, women and their children in the criminal justice system.

Title: Police Case DVD and Facilitator’s Guide

Summary: Produced following the resounding success of our educational TV series, Police Case, the DVD and facilitators is available for organisations working with girls and women (primarily in Sierra Leone, as it focuses on local laws and is in Krio with English subtitles). Get in touch if you’d like a copy of the DVD, and find out more about Police Case.


AdvocAid’s Nar Yu Right (left) is a song to educate women about their rights, recorded in 2013 for Human Rights Day in Freetown Correctional Centre. Led by female Sierra Leonean hip hop artist, Star Zee, Nar Yu Right focuses on explaining to women about their legal rights, such as not to sign anything that they do not understand when taken into police custody or that they are innocent until proven guilty.


Bangkok Rules Posters

AdvocAid has produced 10 posters depicting key messages of the Bangkok Rules for the treatment of female detainees. Please feel free to download these posters, print them, share them, email them and use them to help promote women’s rights.

Click on each image to get the full poster as a PDF.