Speak out

Photo by Tom Bradley

Many of the women we’re working with, don’t have a voice.

Women in Sierra Leone are bound by patriarchal traditions and archaic laws that prevent them from achieving their dreams and living in an equal society. AdvocAid exists to change this and shift the balance so that girls and women in Sierra Leone stop having their human and legal rights abused and are empowered to assert their rights for a stronger future for them and their family.

We’re asking you to use your voice and speak out about the issues women face in Sierra Leone.

You can do this by:

  • Sharing links to our website on your social media platforms
  • Hold a fundraising event and speak to your audience about women and law in Sierra Leone
  • Tell your office about AdvocAid and chose us as your charity of the year

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Thank you for speaking out and supporting women like Fatmata, MK, Isatu and Favour.