Moving forward

AdvocAid’s Moving Forward programme involves preparing women for release, and providing them with the skills and support to thrive in their communities.

In Sierra Leone, being detained and imprisoned leads to women being ostracised and often shunned from their family, village and livelihood. The knock on effect of such rejection is that women lose any possessions they had, forcing them into extreme poverty and vulnerability and essentially creating a vicious cycle that makes them prone to running into conflict with the law once again.

AdvocAid seeks to successfully integrate women back into society through a number of methods including counselling with our Social Worker or other providers, a small travel stipend to enable women to get home and a small start-up grant to enable women to get their lives back on track. We also donate second-hand clothing for those who have been imprisoned for a long time, and will go home to find they have lost all their possessions.

We support some women to attend vocational training, should they wish, or provide a small start up grant to start businesses.

In addition, we run a monthly ‘Go Bifo’ (Moving Forward) group for formerly detained women, providing them with an opportunity to come together and share experiences as well as discuss key issues relating to women in society and the role of the law.

Photo by Tom Bradley

Often the group has facilitated talks on issues important to the women, such as family planning or childcare. We also facilitate business skills training and other vocational training opportunities for the group. For example, we supported some members to attend the National Trade Fair in 2014 and sell their products in a Go Bifo stall.

This group is led and facilitated by our Social Worker with the assistance of the regional Go Bifo Executive members.

We can only continue to deliver such vital support through the help of our generous friends and donors. Make a donation today.