Photo by Ali Thompson

There are plenty of ways in which you can support our work, via fundraising for us. Whether you’re fundraising on your own or with friends, at home or at work. By raising money in aid of AdvocAid, you’ll be enabling us to work with more women like Favour, ensuring she has the knowledge to be able to assert her legal rights confidently.

Here are a few ideas of where to start with fundraising for us.

  • Make your business make a difference: choose AdvocAid as your charity of the year
  • Remember those who don’t have a voice: Hold a sponsored silence at school
  • Like many of the women we support: Live below the poverty line for a week ($1.25 or 80p – travel, socialising and all food)
  • Achieve a goal on behalf of girls in Sierra Leone: Run a half or full marathon, take part in an iron man or cycling competition or complete a sponsored swim
  • Recycle what you have like the creative women of Sierra Leone: hold a clothes swapping night with your friends
  • Food is a big part of Sierra Leone culture: Create a cook book with all of your favourite recipes in it

We love hearing what our supporters are up to, so please let us know, and take a look at our top tips below to think about when you’re fundraising.




Whilst fundraising is fun and rewarding, it can sometimes take a while to get right, so we’ve put together this little list of things to think about when you’re fundraising for us.

  1. Make sure you leave enough time to plan your fundraising and let everyone know
  2. Set up an online fundraising page to make it easy for people to support you
  3. Ensure people know the target you’re aiming to reach – this helps people know the whole that they’re contributing to, and if you’re nearly at your target, will encourage people to give a little more to help you get there.
  4. Get a team of helpers to help you
  5. Tell your friends, family and colleagues why you’re supporting AdvocAid. What does our work mean to you, and why should they support it? Tell them stories about the women we work with; tell them what life is like in Sierra Leone…we can help you with this
  6. Make your ask personal – take the time to send individual emails/messages
  7. Use social media to spread the word and thank people when they have supported you
  8. Personally thank everyone who sponsors you, and let them know how grateful you are

Get in touch with us if you’d like advice on your fundraising, more information about our work, or to tell us about your exciting fundraising activities!