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Lawyer Saramba’s blog – AdvocAid: 10 years fighting for justice

Ten years ago, at the very beginning of our existance, Saramba Kandeh started her legal internship with AdvocAid. Later she became our first ever female Duty Counsel.

Today, Saramba is a Legal and Gender Associate at Aids-Free World, but she has agreed to write this month’s blog to celebrate AdvocAid’s 10th anniversary. In the blog, she tells about some of the women she represented and why the experience she gained made her want to become a human rights lawyer.

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Development Intern Saskia’s Blog: How AdvocAid taught me to be braver

This summer, Saskia Bunschoten-Binet did an internship with AdvocAid. She very quickly got herself immersed in various aspects of our work and she became an invaluable support to the team. Thanks, Saskia, for all your hard work and dedication!

In this month’s contribution to our anniversary blog series, Saskia reflects upon her time working for AdvocAid.

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Finance Officer Julie W: How working in prisons changed me forever

Julie Wilson is our Finance and Administrative Officer. Born and raised in Freetown, before becoming part of the AdvocAid family, Julie worked with both the Brookfields Community Hospital and Rokel Commercial Bank. She started with AdvocAid in July 2010 and has been providing vital administrative, project management and financial services ever since! In this blog, Julie discusses her motivations for working with AdvocAid and how the organisation has grown to what it has become today.

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Inside a remand home for juveniles in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone’s justice system, children and youth are rarely treated any differently than adults. They often spend excessive time behind bars without charge – considered guilty until proved innocent.

To raise awareness about conditions in detention facilities for juveniles, journalist Ahmed Sahid Nasralla (alias De Monk) has written an excellent article about his recent visit to the remand home for juveniles in Kingtom, Freetown.

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Paralegal Nenny: How I was convinced that perpetrators’ rights matter

Nenny Kargbo, paralegal in Makeni, has been a huge asset to AdvocAid since she started working for us in 2014. In this months’ contribution to our 10 year anniversary blog series, Nenny admits that it took her a while before she fully agreed that female perpetrators deserve our support. Today, she is comitted to protecting the rights of all women and girls, and she has become passionate about helping her clients become role models instead of victims of circumstances.

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Isata’s career choice

Isata Mansaray is AdvocAid’s wonderful Database Officer, who we have been so lucky to have working for us for a year. This month, as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations, Isata has written a blog about her greatest moments with AdvocAid.

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Day of the African Child: AdvocAid calls for better child protection in the justice sector

HELP US IMPROVE CHILD JUSTICE – On the Day of the African Child 2016, AdvocAid joins forces with Save the Children to upgrade detention facilities in the Bo Remand Home. We are mobilising our resources and connections to repaint the walls in brighter colours and repair broken interior and exterior, and today we have provided new mattresses and recreational items for the juvenile inmates in the remand home.

But improving the physical conditions is not going to change the context that enables neglect of children behind bars. What we have seen in Bo is sadly not extraordinary, and it only highlights a bigger need for long-term care and legal aid for children in the criminal justice system. We thus appeal to institutions, government and individuals to support AdvocAid’s work to improve access to justice for children across Sierra Leone.

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